Exploring by our World by Touch: Hands that See…

This photograph was taken in fall during an Orientation & Mobility lesson with one of my blind students. We spend time outdoors almost each week during our lessons, exploring the school yard and all things nature. We happened upon this “Jack-o-Lantern” fungus and it was so stunning. I quickly looked it up on my phone and determined that yes, it was safe to touch. My student squatted down and began to explore this very unique mushroom. As I read more about the “Omphalotus olearius,” he continued to explore. The picture captures the brilliant colors, and the spirit of adventure we felt. The next week, when we went back, the mushroom had decomposed into a slimy black mess – which we did not touch. One of the best things about my job, is bringing life to the things my students may otherwise only read about in a book.

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