So that all may read!

It was quite the Mobility Lesson: three boys; 5, 7 and 8. My intern and I had our hands full as we tried to maneuver the six running legs, three canes and what seemed like a lot more than six hands touching everything along the Kroger Shopping Plaza where we had planned our community exploration lesson. After visiting the UPS store, a flower shop and the chiropractor, we finally reached the reward: a stop at the Coinstar Machine in Kroger. I opened my backpack and took out a huge container of coins, while my intern began to explain how the machine worked. The hands were flying around the machine, touching the buttons, feeling for the coin slots and trying to learn how the thing actually worked. While the littlest one, was trying to “catch-up” to his older brother, we heard “LOOK AT THIS! THERE IS BRAILLE HERE!” Imagine the joy, fascination and thrill that these young men felt when they realized that this machine had all the instructions they needed to know – in braille, written right on the front of the machine! This photo captures the moment when all three hands are reaching out and touching the braille. The older brother has taken his younger brother’s hand to “show” him the braille and to help him learn to read the signs. It was a very powerful moment. As a side note: after all was said and done, we had $14.53 to spend a Kroger!

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