What does Poo look like?

There are so many things to explore and learn about at school, especially if you are allowed to go outside and play. During this lesson, we were playing “detective,” looking for clues left behind by various animals who make their homes on the school campus. We found broken pieces of acorns on the picnic table – some squirrels had had a picnic! We located a few pine cones that had been nibbled down to the core, like a piece of corn on the cobb. We wondered what it tasted like, as obviously the squirrels liked it! We were walking across a large open expanse of lawn, when suddenly I spotted the tell-tale sign of a a much larger animal that had been munching on the new green grass — a deer. “I think deer have been eating here,” I shared with my student.

“How do you know?” he asked. “I see their poop!” “Really??” “Yup!” — “Can I see?”

Umm.. my student has no vision. Hmm.. Then suddenly I remembered that I had grabbed some medical gloves earlier in the week and had shoved them into my backpack. “Sure! But you need to wear gloves!” So we put on the gloves, bent down and felt the grass. He was SOOO excited to be actually picking up and looking at the poop from a REAL deer. “Where do they go during the day?” he asked. I wasn’t sure, but we talked about it abit and decided they probably slept in the woods near the creek at the back of the school yard. Maybe next week, we can follow the poop and go check it out!

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