Adventure Awaits!

Think about some of the best adventures you had as a child. For my family and many others it was camping. Grabbing a tent and setting it up in the backyard, or taking the camper on the road for some time. This past year I had the opportunity to share this type of adventure with a few students during a “Girls Only Roadtrip.” With my trusty daughter “camper expert” with me, we invited along two teens with whom I have worked for several years, to join us in our RV for a state park adventure weekend. We combined the visit with participation in the State GCB convention and made it a full weekend of activities. Yummy dinners, SMORES cookout, using flashlights and our canes to find the bathrooms, and kayaking at the lake. For the students, it was their first ever camping adventure. Their first ever time sleeping in an RV and .. well…. a weekend of many other great firsts. This picture is all of our hands pointing at the state campground sticker we just put on the trailer. We were feeling particularly full of “girl power” as we had just taken down camp, hooked-up the trailer and driven from the campgrounds.. ALL BY OURSELVES! (much to the surprise of several male campers nearby!) What a wonderful way to teach the valuable lesson “together we can do so much!”

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