Where Does Water Come From?

At Long Last — Rain! My student and I had watched as the city workers re-built the front of his school over the entire summer. We had explored the new roof and columns and enjoyed all the new echoes and sounds all the concrete and brick had created — a real life “soundscape” for anyone who is blind. In our explorations, I had taken time to explain how water that lands on the roof of the school, moves to gutters, which then empty into the downspouts, which were built inside the columns. When feeling the columns to see how they were made with brick and concrete, we had found these spouts at the bottom of each one and had hypothesized that this is where water would come out once it rained. We waited, and waited … and waited for the first real rain of fall. Finally it came. Out the door we rushed, to see if water would be rushing out the spout. Sure enough it was. Not only was water rushing off the roof, and down the column to these spouts, BUT we could also hear the water by putting our ear on the column. It was so magical!! In our next lesson, we learned about where water goes, once it hits the ground… but that’s another story!

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