Nancy Parkin-Bashizi, M.A., COMS, CVRT

As a teacher of persons who are blind or visually impaired for 25 years, I spend a lot of time observing. I evaluate environments for safe paths and obstacles. I note the organization of a space to consider how it may be mentally mapped for a student. I use my senses to gather details that will help an individual understand where they are in space. This practice of observation has allowed me to experience the world in which we live through new eyes – my ears, my nose and my hands have become vehicles through which I navigate my world. I use these small details in my daily work with my clients and every day I am thankful for this opportunity. The ability to slow down, observe and appreciate our beautiful world is one of the best gift’s I have been given through my students and my work. I hope to use this space to share my observations, my photos and the stories of my clients to help others learn new ways to see.

I have been particularly enamored by the hands of my students. When one loses the ability to see as they did before, the other senses must be developed to take on new roles for learning and living. I love watching how those with whom I work, gain trust and skill in this new way of seeing; it makes me happy to see their confidence grow as they learn to do old things in a new way. A part of this site, will document the photographs I have taken of the many hands I have come to know and cherish over the years. It is through the stories of these hands that I hope to inspire others to better understand how living with vision loss, though not a choice and never easy, can in many ways help us to see the world around us in new and meaningful ways.

Hands-that-see is the name I plan to give the photobook I’d like to create from the hundreds of pictures I have taken over the years. As I take time to pull this project together, I look forward to sharing the stories, educational posts and photos with you all.

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One thought on “Nancy Parkin-Bashizi, M.A., COMS, CVRT

  1. What a creative way to share these stories! You have had a brilliant career of guiding many hands as they explore the world and have touched the hearts of many people…i count myself lucky to be one of your students. I look forward to reading more! All the best to you on this project Nancy!

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